Our Sources

Fruit and Vegetables

We source our produce from local farmers who practice sustainable growing methods. We believe in Stephen Violette, who owns and operates Dick's Market Garden. Stephen personifies what we look for in a farmer: he cares deeply about sustainable practices and high-quality produce.


We source our meat from farmer-owned cooperatives in the New England area, and our fish from local fish markets. We only buy sustainable fish, and whenever possible we buy local fish. Our featured meat purveyor, Misty Knoll Farms, is a family-owned and operated farm producing the finest naturally-raised free-range turkeys and chickens available from Vermont. Misty Knoll's farmers feed their birds whole grain, free of antibiotics and animal by-products. The chickens range free in spacious, specially designed enclosures.

Our Mission

We believe the best food is grown locally and with respect for the environment, so we source from farmers we know. In fact, we buy most of our produce, fish, and meat from the same farmers you see at markets around Boston.

When we design menus, we start with the best of what's in season: summer corn and tomatoes, the first of spring's peas, or the sweetest winter carrots. Using these elements, we work with our clients to design individual menus around their tastes.

Know Your Farmers

We've spent the past eight years building strong relationships with local farmers, fishermen, and foragers, who bring us the best ingredients. We've also built a dedicated team of cooks, managers, and waitstaff who are passionate about local food and great service. This way, we know that our food is grown, prepared, and served with care.


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